Advanced Portable Rechargeable Ground Power Units

Why APS?

More Power, Same Weight
The APS-1500/40 produces 1500 peak starting amps independently, and a continuous 40 amp output when connected to either 120 or 240 volt AC power. By instantly connecting two APS-1500's together the peak starting amps jump to 3000 and the continuous DC output increases to 80 amps creating the APS-3000/80 GPU.

The APS-3000/40 produces 3000 peak starting amps and a continuous 40 amp output. The power module can be removed from the unit providing a portable APS-1500 if necessary.

Designed for ease of transport, the cart will carry a unit in the center, or two units side by side.

Designed for Inhouse Service, No Shipping Away
Perhaps the key feature of these units is the modular construction for ease and convenience of servicing or repairing them in your own shop or in the field if necessary. All units come with a detailed shop manual and set of socket (Allen) wrenches to allow dissassembly. Additional instruction can be provided by our technicians. No need for expensive and timely shipment back to the manufacturer. We can supply you with parts necessary for general service or repair.

Faster Recharge Times
All units can be recharged from 120 or 240 volt AC power sources as well as through the accessory port and any 24/28 volt DC vehicle or aircraft power source. The APS-1500/40 and APS-3000/80 will recharge in 38 minutes if fully discharged, while the APS-3000/40 requires 75 minutes. Units can be left connected to an AC power source without damage or creation thermal memory. All units contain over voltage and overload protection, as well as an over temperature auto shutdown feature.

Digital AC and LED Displays
When power is activated a solid state DC voltage display lights up indicating power up to 0.1 volt accuracy. You know exactly how the unit is performing. When AC power is not activated, a "push to view" button immediately indicates the voltage status. Two red and green LED's illuminate during power output, indicating the status of each of the two independent power supplies contained in the units.

Independent Power Supplies for Redundancy Backup
In keeping with the modular design, two separate power supplies are installed in each unit providing a backup power system. Should one supply fail for any reason, the unit will carry on with the other power system, reducing the output from 40 amps to 20 amps, but still allowing the unit to function. The two red and green LED's provide a diagnostic function displaying the status of the independent systems.